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Who We Are


iecom business focus centers around data communications and integrated display systems. Our combined expertise in research and development guarantees superior quality products and services. Through its associated companies active in similar fields and a decade of experience in display and communication technologies, iecom is capable of providing a comprehensive range of display products to meet market demand.

The Company has over the years, produced a wide range of LED Display products ranging from Indoor and Outdoor LED Matrix Display, standard LED Messagers, Bulletin Display, Car Park Guidance Display, World Time Digital Display, Long Ticker Board, Production Monitoring Display, LED Illuminated Signboard etc. With the latest true blue, green and white LED technology, the Company is also providing full color solutions.

iecom is constantly striving to produce electronic displays of the highest quality and cost effectiveness in this fast changing field. Coupled with a team of dedicated professionals with long standing expertise in the field, iecom continues to respond and meet all companies’ individual requirements and standards and ensures the smooth integration of systems at all times.