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LED Display Interfaces

IECOM Display System can provide a variety of interfaces to meet different requirements and applications.

Data cabled connections

For simple and straightforward data connection, IECOM display are equipped with two standard serial interface. RS232 and RS485 serial interface.

RS 232 serial interface is generally used if the distant between the PC and the LED Display falls within 10m. This is the most effective and simple way of data connectivity.

RS 485 serial interface is designed to provide effective connectivity between the PC and LED display when the distant is much longer.


IECOM LED display can be connected throughout your building using your local network (LAN), wider network (WAN) or Internet.
You’ll need an Ethernet connection cable between your computer and your internet port thus eliminating the need to run further cables throughout your building. A dedicated IP address is necessary to identify the LED unit address.


IECOM provides wireless solution for the LED display. The are various method including Bluetooth Wireless, GSM and Wireless Radio Modem.
This solution is applied, as an alternate effective way when cabling is proven impractical or impossible for the application.



Installation, Service and Repair

Installation, Service and Repair – a complete service

IECOM provides a full turnkey service for all the LED Display System.
From the moment you place your order of any LED Display System,
IECOM will be committed to ensure swift development and delivery.

We have a team of qualified Engineers and Technicians to conduct proper installation and cabling work for the LED Display System.

All IECOM LED Display are designed to keep your message running bright for years. Our service engineer will assist to provide adequate servicing and maintenance work if the contract calls for.

In the event of any faulty report on the LED Display, our team of technician will conduct an on-site assessment, and ensure your LED sign is repaired and rectified swiftly and effectively. Our engineers make successful LED sign repairs in 98% of cases, so you can be sure your message will be back within a short period time.


All IECOM products come with a 12months with Parts.


All IECOM LED Display Systems are developed and assembled locally. Each Display is sole proprietary and equipped with a self developed Micro Processor Controller. With this design in mind, you will get adequate support from IECOM any time when a need to change or improve on your LED Display System is required.